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From relaxing wave pools to exhilarating rollercoasters, Wild Wild Wet has something for everyone, irrespective of their age. Let’s take a look at the various Wild Wild Wet rides and what you can expect from them.

Moderate Rides

Wild WIld Wet Rides

Kraken Racers

Singapore's first four-lane mat racer slide, the Kraken Racer is not for the faint of heart. Indulge in a race with your loved ones and find out who wins!

Water Depth: NA

Seating Arrangement: Up to 4 pax per ride.

Remarks: NA

Wild WIld Wet Rides

Professor’s Playground

In this unique Wild Wild Wet ride where experimental laboratory meets a kid’s playground, you will find slides, ladders, fountains, and more.

Water Depth: 0.3m

Seating Arrangement: NA

Remarks: Maximum weight 34kg per pax on slides

Wild WIld Wet Rides

Royal Flush

Ever wondered how exciting rafting could get? What if you have to raft up a near-vertical wall? Hold on with all your might as you get ready for the Royal Flush!

Water Depth: NA

Seating Arrangement: Maximum 4 pax per raft

Remarks: Maximum weight 320kg. Minimum 35kg per pax

Wild WIld Wet Rides

Shiok River

If lounging in the pool on a tube sounds good to you, Shiok River will not disappoint. This Wild Wild Wet ride extends to the perimeter of the park, allowing you to catch your breath after a long day.

Water Depth: 1.0m

Seating Arrangement: NA

Remarks: Children to be accompanied by an adult

Wild WIld Wet Rides

The Water Works

Zoom along the maze of body slides while trying to navigate through unexpected twists and turns, only to splash into a landing pool.

Water Depth: 1.0m

Seating Arrangement: 1 pax per slide

Remarks: Maximum weight 136kg per pax

Wild Wild Wet Rides


If you have ever wondered what it would feel like to wander across the sea, Tsunami is a must-visit - without the dangerous undercurrents and swells.

Water Depth: 1.8m

Seating Arrangement: NA

Remarks: Children must be accompanied by an adult